Private Office

Our Mission

To deliver market leading returns through our in-depth expertise and business acumen. We add value by:

  • Fully managing the investment process
  • Delivering a successful investment outcome
  • Creating bespoke ownership structures
  • Focussing on development and asset management
  • Matching unique wealth and lifestyle ambitions
  • Providing up to date market intelligence

This delivers a balanced risk managed approach. We consider the underlying key macro fundamentals and diversification. Our current geographic focus includes the south east of the UK and main centres in Germany and other parts of Western Europe. Generally, we target well established markets with a focus on attractive sub-sectors and partner with organisations that deploy intensive on-going asset management. Our focus on real estate-backed investments means that our clients benefit from our expertise in understanding the full life cycle of real estate development and management to achieve the best returns.

Our Focus

Triangle’s real estate-centric approach concentrates on preserving and growing capital. We source and manage investments in:

  • Bespoke residential and commercial property
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Select capital instruments and projects

We believe in:

  • Innovation and delivering outstanding results
  • Transparency and integrity
  • Focussing on solutions and overcoming barriers
  • Creating synergies and like-minded partnerships
  • Delivering service excellence
  • Creating a wealth of knowledge

We are a magnet for attracting extraordinary people and combine innovation, energy and experience to consistently exceed expectations. Our creativity, knowledge and experience of the markets in which we operate stimulates success.

As your trusted advisors, we create and enhance your investment portfolio by offering you peace of mind through delivering consistently robust and sustainable performance.

Most importantly, we remain a business which prides itself on traditional family values and discretion building lasting relationships based on this strong foundation of trust and innovation.